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Liliana Morosini

About me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Liliana, but everyone has always called me Lily.

Born in Milan in the last century (1982), I moved to the beautiful city of Madrid in 2007. Happily married in 2018, in 2019 I became the mother of José Luis, a very special child who made my life even more beautiful… and challenging!

Thanks to my father who is a watercolor artist, I have always had an aesthetic nature and I would spend hours contemplating arts, crafts, nature and anything beautiful I find on my way.

I enjoy spending my time decorating, cooking and creating unconventional and natural homemade cosmetics.
I also love unusual foods and drinks, made with roses, violets and anything poetical you might think of.

Here you’ll find natural and creative handmade cosmetics formulas, DIY projects and artistic cooking recipes.

I have been dedicating myself to DIY cosmetics for some years and I am a great supporter of an organic lifestyle.
In 2014 I founded an italian handmade cosmetic website (, talking about conscious and technical natural handmade cosmetics, sweetened by a pinch of creativity capable of turning a simple cosmetic into a joy for our eyes.
My italian web site is still online, with tons of recipes and cosmetic guides, but I needed to create something new and more international, strongly based on the beauty of creativity.

I opened Lily in WonderLab to talk about my hobbies and passions, sharing my creativity and inspiring you to create beautyful things that sparks joy.
I wish to inspire your creativity and your right to dedicate some time to yourself, making small and luscious little things that could bring joy to your everyday life. Are you ready to discover my lab?

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Liliana Morosini