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DIY Cosmetic Ingredients tracker

Maintaining a meticulous record of your ingredients is not only crucial for your formulations but also for minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency in your DIY cosmetic endeavors. That's why I'm thrilled to unveil my latest tool: the DIY Cosmetic Ingredients Tracker.

Optimize Your Cosmetic Formulation Process

My simple DIY Cosmetic Ingredients Tracker is an Excel file designed to optimize your cosmetic formulation process. With dedicated fields for Ingredient Name, Notes, Category, and Expiration Date, you can effortlessly organize and manage all your ingredients in one centralized location.

Effortless Organization of your Inventory

Say goodbye to the chaos of scattered ingredient lists! This easy to use excel tracker provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to input and easily access ingredient expiration dates. Additionally, it serves as a valuable inventory management tool, giving you a clear overview of the ingredients you own

DIY Cosmetic ingredients tracker - Optimized Efficiency

With built-in filters and visual expiry alerts, you can quickly identify raw materials close to their expiration date and prioritize their use. This ensures that you make the most of your ingredients while reducing waste.

Empowering Creativity

This excel tracker empowers you to unleash your creativity. With a customizable Notes section, you can add important details like quantity, brand, or formulation tips, giving you the freedom to experiment and innovate with confidence.


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These instructions can be found in the excel file as well, in the "Instructions" sheet.
Important: This document is optimized for Microsoft Excel. If you’re using another software, certain features, such as the color change for expiration dates, may not function as intended.

Entering Ingredient Data:

  • Go to Ingredients list sheet.
  • Fill "Ingredient Name", "Notes", "Category" and "Expiration date". In "Notes" column you can add any info that might be useful, like quantity, brand or other details.
  • Please use this format in ""Expiration date"": Month Day, Year. Example: December 7, 2025
  • In the "Category" column, click on the dropdown arrow to select the appropriate category for each ingredient. This dropdown menu contains predefined categories for easy selection and filtering.

Filtering Data:

  • Utilize the filter icons (in the header row of each column) to filter data according to specific criteria.
  • Click on the filter icon to open the filter menu, then select or deselect options to filter the data as needed. You can filter by ingredient name, category, expiration date, etc.

Useful Tips:

  • Regularly review the expiration dates to ensure that ingredients are used before they expire.
  • Expired ingredients will be highlighted in red for easy identification.
  • Ingredients with expiration dates approaching (within the next 75 days) will be highlighted in orange. Consider prioritizing the use of these ingredients to prevent waste.
  • Keep the spreadsheet organized by using filters to quickly find and sort ingredients based on specific criteria.

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