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DIY lavender bath bomb

This DIY lavender bath bomb is perfect for a relaxing bath just before bedtime.

It contains lavender essential oil that is well known for its soothing, purifying and relaxing properties. It also helps in case of migraines, body aches, stress, irritations and insomnia.
The dried lavender petals will float on the water delighting your senses and making you feel like in a fairy dream.

The DIY lavender bath bomb recipe is quite simple and you can make it with ingredients that can be easily found in stores: citric acid, baking soda, rice starch and food grade alcohol.
Citric acid and baking soda fizz when in contact with water, while the starch acts as a filler, helping to compact your lavender bath bomb. It has soothing and softening properties as well.
Alcohol is used to moisten the mixture, making the compacting process easier. You can use witch hazel as well or a little bit of water.

DIY Lavender Bath Bomb Recipe

For each bath bomb (8 cm mold):

  • Baking soda: 110 g
  • Citric acid: 55 g
  • Rice or Corn starch: 70 g
  • Lavender essential oil: 8 drops
  • Lavender flowers: about one tablespoon
  • Alcohol, water or Witch Hazel: to taste.

How to make a lavender bath bomb

  • Place the baking soda, the citric acid and the starch in a bowl.

  • Add the lavender essential oil and half tablespoon of lavender flowers.

  • Pour in the alcohol (or water or the Witch Hazel) until the mixture is slightly moist and compact.

  • Place some lavender flowers in the bottom of the bath bomb mold, add some of the mixture and compact a little. Pour a generous amount of mixture over the half ball and repeat the process for the other half.

  • Bring the two half spheres together and press firmly to compact and create your beautiful bath bomb.

  • Unmold and let stand at least 3-4 days before using. Newly created DIY lavender bath bombs are very fragile and should be handled with care.