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Enriched Aloe Vera Gel - An effective soothing remedy

This enriched aloe vera gel is a fantastic remedy for sunburns, irritations, and even mosquito bites. When enriched with specific ingredients, it becomes even more effective. It’s my number one ally every summer! This version, particularly soothing, regenerating, and moisturizing, is excellent both as an after-sun treatment and post-depilation gel.

Key Ingredients for Enhanced Benefits

Aloe Vera Powder: the most important ingredient

Aloe vera powder is a well known secret among Italian DIY cosmetic makers. Aloe vera boosts the effectiveness of the formula with its soothing and healing properties. Compared to the ready-to-use liquid version, the dried powder is both economical and convenient. It is highly versatile and easy to prepare, allowing you to create a generous amount of aloe vera gel at a fraction of the cost.

Rose Hydrosol: gentle and fragrant

This recipe contains a good amount of rose hydrosol for its soothing properties. It also adds a natural scent without the need for additional fragrances. When it comes to products for sensitive or irritated skin, it is advisable to avoid adding perfumes.

Hyaluronic Acid Gel: unavoidable

The hyaluronic acid gel soothes, repairs, and regenerates the skin while providing a moisturizing effect. In pharmacies, it is often found as an ingredient in products for sunburns.

edelweiss extract diy cosmetics

Edelweiss Extract: the key ingredient

Edelweiss extract is soothing, anti-inflammatory, and reparative, making it particularly suitable for red and itchy skin. It is also a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging effects. Although not very well known as a DIY cosmetics ingredient, edelweiss extract is a game changer.
Mine is from Aroma-Zone.
Weleda has an entire range of after-sun products featuring edelweiss extract and it's easy to see why.

Fucocert: The Ultimate Moisturizer

Fucocert is moisturizing, soothing, regenerating, and anti-aging. It also helps to give cosmetics a particularly pleasant texture.
I have been using fucocert very often lately and notice a significant difference in the texture of the DIY products it is included in. 

Enriched Aloe Vera Gel: a formula that really works

I used this enriched aloe vera gel for a very long time and I can assure it is really effective in soothing skin irritations, particularly those caused by hair removal and sunburn.
The gel's soothing properties work swiftly to reduce inflammation, which is a common and uncomfortable reaction after hair removal procedures. The aloe vera powder, combined with other calming ingredients, effectively alleviates itching, a frequent side effect that can cause further discomfort if not addressed promptly. Additionally, the redness associated with irritated skin diminishes significantly.

This rapid relief is attributed to the powerful combination of soothing, anti-inflammatory, and restoring agents within the formula.  

soothing diy cosmetics actives

Ingredients for Enriched Aloe Vera Gel:

  • Rose hydrosol: 35 g - 35%
  • Water: 29.2 g - 29.2%
  • Hyaluronic acid gel: 25 g - 25%
  • Fucocert: 5 g - 5%
  • Edelweiss extract: 2.5 g - 2.5%
  • Glycerin: 2 g - 2%
  • Cosgard: 0.6 g - 0.6%
  • Dried aloe vera powder: 0.3 g - 0.3%
  • Xanthan gum: 0.4 g - 0.4%

How to Prepare the Gel:

  • Place the glycerin, aloe vera powder and xanthan gum in a container and mix.
  • Add the rose water gradually (after mixing it with the water) and continuously stir with a mini electric mixer or a spoon.
  • Pour in the rest of the ingredients and mix well. The pH should be around 5.5.
  • Your enriched aloe vera gel is ready! Pour everything into a 100 ml container.

Notes and Substitutions

Substituting Rose Water

Rose water can be replaced with another hydrosol with similar properties or one whose scent you like. Ensure it is not photosensitizing. If you lack hydrosols, replace the quantity with water.

Alternatives to Fucocert

Sodium PCA is a good substitute for Fucocert because it hydrates and makes cosmetics particularly pleasant to the touch. Use it at 2%.

Replacing Edelweiss Extract

If you don't have edelweiss extract, use another soothing extract, such as mallow. Allantoin is also useful in this case but remember to use it at 0.3%.

Dosage Adjustments

When substituting ingredients, always check the recommended dosages. For example, if you need to replace a water-soluble active used at 5% in the recipe with another that should be used at a maximum of 3%, make the substitution using 3 g of the active and 2 g of water to compensate for the missing 2%. In my homemade cosmetics ingredients chart you will find more information on the properties and dosage of various natural cosmetic actives.