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Free printable cosmetic labels - Honey bee

These free printable cosmetic labels have been designed for handmade cosmetics containers.

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To meet your needs, this set contains various sizes suitable for jars and bottles of all types: lotion jars, perfume bottles, body milk containers, balms, tonic lotions and much more.
I have also included two small circular labels that are perfect for lipsticks and spray containers caps.

These free printable cosmetic labels are decorated with honey and bees. These labels are perfect to label handmade cosmetics containing honey and beeswax as ingredients.

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How to print cosmetic labels at home

Follow these easy steps to print my free printable cosmetic labels:

- Open this link, right-click on the image and select "Save image as..."

- Then, print the labels with your printer on a A4 paper. You can use a regular paper, but I recommend you to use a self-adhesive paper.

How to attach my free printable cosmetic labels to your containers

  • If you used a self-adhesive paper, cut out and attach the free printable cosmetic lables to your handmade cosmetics containers.

  • If you used a regular paper cut out and glue the labels onto the containers using glue or transparent adhesive sheets. The latter are very recommended as they will make your labels water resistant.

  • If you are printing on cardstock, you can use a circular or decorative hole punch and attach them with a ribbon. I particularly love this option, as it looks lovely. You can also print on a regular paper, attach the label to a stiff cardstock (maybe a recycled one) and then use a hole punch.


free printable cosmetic labels violet preview


These free printable cosmetic labels are for personal use only. No other uses are allowed, such as redistributing the printable file to other sites or socials. If you would like to share these labels, please put the link to this page and NOT directly to the image with the labels.
Thank you for your understanding and for respecting my work!