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Handmade lip balm with Nutella

This handmade lip balm is so yummy that you'll want to eat it! It smells delicious thanks to the use of hazelnut cream. You got it right: it is a DIY Nutella lip balm

Preparing natural handmade lip balms is quite simple and you'll be surprised how soft and comfortable they are! Your lips will be so soft and repaired that you'll stop buying lip balms in shops.

This handmade cosmetic formula is a “cold cream” prepared by mixing a water phase with an oil phase. The result is a luscious water in oil emulsion where the beeswax helps to keep all the ingredients together.
My DIY lip balm recipe contains moisturizing honey and 2 vegetable oils that are great for lips: rice bran and castor oils. They are also quite easy to find in shops.
When you choose the beeswax, make sure it's organic: it smells great and adds a natural and delicious scent to your DIY cosmetic. Not imprescindible in this lips balm formula, that is already containing hazelnut cream, but it combines perfectly.

Ingredients of the DIY lip balm

For a small jar of about 15 ml of handmade lip balm:


  • Honey: 3 g
  • Glycerin: 1 g


  • Beeswax: 4 g
  • Rice bran oil: 9 g
  • Castor oil: 2 g


  • Hazelnut cream (Nutella or similar) : 1.5 g(Nutella or similar)

How to make a Nutella handmade lip balm

  • Melt Phase A and Phase B ingredients in two separate containers in a double boiler.

  • When phase B has melted completely, combine the two phases.

  • Stir continuously with a mini blender for about 2 minutes. In case you are missing the mini blender, you can use a teaspoon, although it’s not ideal.

  • Add the hazelnut cream, give it a quick whisk and transfer to a cold water bath. Blend your handmade lip balm until it becomes cold and thick.

  • Transfer the handmade lip balm to a small jar, decorating it with nice stickers to sparkle joy!