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Homemade Dry Shampoo: Oil-Absorbing and Volumizing

Discover the Magic of Homemade Dry Shampoo

Homemade Dry shampoo is one of those lesser-known products that you fall in love with after trying it for the first time. This incredibly useful handmade cosmetic is not only economical and easy to prepare, but it also saves you time by quickly cleaning oily hair in seconds. Perfect for emergencies and last-minute invites, it's a convenient solution for when you don't have time for a full wash and style.

Benefits of DIY Dry Shampoo

This fine powder, applied in small quantities to the hair, absorbs oil, leaving it clean and voluminous in just a minute. It also effectively removes unpleasant smells like fried food or smoke from your hair. Personally, I'm quite sensitive to nasty smells, and I dislike spending time styling my hair only to have it smell bad when I return home. This homemade dry shampoo remedy has been a lifesaver in those situations.

homemade dry shampoo rose starch

Quick and Easy Solution

Moreover, it's perfect for those last-minute invites when you don't have time to wash your hair. It's great for refreshing oily bangs, and it provides instant volume, giving your hair a fresh and full look without much effort.
While it shouldn't replace regular shampooing, which is necessary for removing dirt and buildup from your scalp, dry shampoo is an excellent emergency solution for those busy days when you're short on time.
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Why Choose Homemade Dry Shampoo?

The homemade dry shampoo recipe is very simple, economical and requires only two easily accessible ingredients: rice starch to absorb oil and rose powder for fragrance.
Make sure to choose fragrant and fine rose powder for an exquisite sensory experience. I love the one from Hesh because it has an intense and wonderful scent that adds a luxurious touch to the dry shampoo.

How to Customize Your DIY Dry Shampoo

If you prefer a neutral, unscented dry shampoo, you can use rice starch only. For a different scent or to enhance the fragrance, you can add a few drops of natural cosmetic fragrance or your favorite essential oils.
Though rice starch doesn't leave white residues like corn starch, if you have dark hair, you might want to add a bit of a darker powder so it's not noticeable. Chocolate powder is a good alternative if you miss Rose powder, but it's best to keep it below 50% of the mix.

Why you Should Love Rice Starch

People often use Maizena/corn starch as well, but I prefer rice starch because it feels lighter on the hair, while corn starch tends to leave white residues.
Rice starch is not only oil-absorbing but also mild and soothing.
As a side note, rose powder is soothing and is mainly used for its natural fragrance and to help counteract any white residue.
Some people use arrowroot powder as well instead than corn starch.

Application Tips

Also, be careful when applying the powder, as it can get on your clothes. I recommend applying your homemade dry shampoo before getting dressed to avoid any mess. Since this is an emergency remedy for when you're short on time, you definitely want to avoid any extra hassle!

Rose and Rice Starch Dry Shampoo Recipe

home made dry shampoo recipe


How to make a Homemade Dry shampoo

  • Mix equal parts rice starch and rose powder.
  • Store the mixture in an airtight container to protect it from moisture.

How to use a homemade dry shampoo

Apply a small amount of the product to the oiliest parts of your hair and let it sit for few seconds. Then, brush through to remove any residues.
The result? Clean, refreshed, and voluminous hair!