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Hot chocolate body lotion recipe

Although the appearance may be deceiving, this fragrant and sumptuous hot chocolate with whipped cream is not to be eaten but is a DIY body lotion to be spread on damp skin after showering.

An original and creative idea for your DIY Christmas gifts that will surely surprise your friends! The small glass that contains it can then be washed and used for limoncello or other liqueurs once the butter is finished. A gift within a gift that can also be suitable as a present for a couple. If you then add a homemade liqueur to the gift, the game is over....

The ingredients in the formulation were not chosen at random but thought of with love, just like we do when we make a nice hot chocolate to warm our hearts on cold winter nights. 

I wanted to achieve a creative cosmetic that not only resembled a sweet from an aesthetic point of view but also reminded us of its real scent.

As a sweet tooth, I therefore set out to think of a "gourmet" combination suitable for the purpose.

So, I opted for organic coconut butter, dark chocolate (choose one with an intense smell, otherwise it will be hardly noticeable - if you follow the recipe doses it will not color the skin), tonka bean absolute with caramel notes, and organic beeswax that I bought from a beekeeper in a farm market, with the scent of raw honey. To harmonize, I added a bit of Douceur Lactée fragrance.

The faux whipped cream is nothing but whipped mango butter flavored with Douceur Lactée fragrance, chosen because it reminds me sweetened milk. I also added some rice starch and Dicaprylyl carbonate for a lighter, silkier result.

chocolate whipped cream body lotion recipe

Nothing prohibits you from decorating the faux whipped cream with sprinkles and the like, although I would allocate decorations of this kind to bath bombs and solid oils to be dissolved in the bath, avoiding the hassle of having to remove them one by one before slathering the product on the skin. I could have topped it off with a sprinkling of cocoa powder or cinnamon, but I discarded them, albeit reluctantly, because the former would dirty the skin while the latter can be irritating. So I opted for peony powder, which is soothing, can be safely slathered on the skin without staining or irritating it, and has a suitable color.

Are you ready to get started or did you run to make some hot chocolate before reading on? ;-) I'm sure that you'll love this creative chocolate body lotion recipe!

Chocolate body lotion recipe with faux whipped cream

The amounts below are enough for a small shot glass. Multiply them for the number of glasses of chocolate body lotion you want to prepare. 

For the base

  • 3.3 g of kokum butter
  • 3.3 g avocado butter
  • 3.3 g of mango butter
  • 16.6 g organic coconut oil
  • 3.3 g fractionated coconut oil
  • 1.5 g organic beeswax
  • 2 g dark chocolate
  • 4 drops of tocopherol (Vitamin E)
  • Tonka bean absolute: pick a small spot with the tip of a toothpick. Should be as big as a dot.
  • 3-4 drops of Douceur Lactée fragrance  

For the faux whipped cream

  • 30 g mango butter
  • 5 g Dicaprylyl carbonate
  • 5 g rice starch
  • 1 ml Douceur Lactée fragrance
  • Peony powder q.s.

Do you miss any ingredient? Don’t worry! Check the bottom of the page to know how to replace them!

 hot chocolate body lotion recipe

How to make DIY chocolate body lotion with whipped cream

  • Melt all the base ingredients in a double boiler (except the Douceur Lactée fragrance).

  • Make sure the chocolate and wax have melted completely and then let it sit for a few minutes at room temperature.

  • Add the fragrance, stir and pour into a 40-50 ml shot glass.

  • Place in the freezer for 30-40 minutes to firm up.

  • Then, take care of the "whipped cream" by melting the mango butter and Dicaprylyl carbonate in a double boiler.

  • Transfer to a cold water bath and whip with a mini electric whisk. If you are making more than one shot of chocolate with cream and therefore need to process large amounts of butter, opt for a traditional electric whisk (mini whips only work with small amounts).

  • When the butter has whipped, add the rice starch and whip for a few more seconds.

  • Transfer to a pastry bag and decorate the surface. If the butter is excessively soft, let it rest for a few minutes at room temperature. Do not wait too long because it may become too hard by getting stuck in the pastry bag.

  • Give it a final dusting with peony powder.

  • Your chocolate body lotion is ready! To use it, spread it on damp skin after showering!

    handmade body lotion chocolate

Notes and substitutions 

  • This is a handmade cosmetic  - no eating - although the temptation is great! ;-)

  • Don't forget to read this handmade cosmetics christmas gifts article with many useful tips and suggestions!

  • Oils and butters can be substituted with similar non-thermolabile ones (check this useful chart). For example, kokum butter can be replaced with cocoa butter and mango butter with shea butter.

  • As for the  "whipped cream",  mango butter can be substituted with another soft or semi-soft butter but not with hard butters such as cocoa or kokum butters because they are too solid to be used for this purpose and with a pastry bag. Do not use coconut oil instead of mango butter for faux whipped cream: it is solid in winter but is still too soft and would easily melt and ruin your decoration.

  • Dicaprylyl carbonate is a very light oil that makes for a light and silky effect. You can still replace it with another oil, preferably a very light one (coco caprylate...).

  • It would be best to use a particularly honey-scented organic beeswax. My advice is to go to a beekeeper and evaluate the scent of the wax they offer. The most scented waxes are usually the coarser ones. I bought mine from a stall at a farm market outside Madrid.

  •  If you do not have rice starch, opt for corn starch. It is not essential, but gives a silky touch and removes the excessive greasiness.

  • Tocopherol (vitamin E) can be omitted although I recommend using it because it prolongs the life of the product by delaying the rancidity of oils and butters.

  • As explained in the introduction, I do not recommend giving the final dusting with cocoa powder or cinnamon. Instead of peony powder you can use damask rose powder. Candy sprinkles are also fine, but remember to remove them before spreading them on the skin.

  • Tonka bean absolute has a special, heavenly scent. I used the raw and undiluted one since it has to be dissolved with the rest of the ingredients.
    If you do not have it opt for similar fragrances, such as vanilla, caramel  or chocolate. Do the same for the Doceur Lactée fragrance. A touch of honey fragrance also goes well with it, as well as any other "gourmet" fragrance. 

I hope you enjoyed my chocolate body lotion recipe! Check my formulas for more creative ideas!