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Lush Ultrabalm recipe

If you are looking for Lush Ultrabalm recipe, you are in the right place. Utrabalm has been discontinued and cannot be found in stores anymore. It was a wonderful multi-purpose repair balm containing rose wax, candelilla wax and jojoba oil. 

Is there a lush Ultrabalm alternative? Sure! And it’s easier than you can imagine! You can make a homemade lush Ultrabalm dupe with 3 simple ingredients and without needing special DIY cosmetics equipment.

Jojoba oil is the base of the Lush ultrabalm recipe. It’s a moisturizing, soothing, regenerating and emollient oil that is easily absorbed by the skin without leaving any greasy effect. On top of that, is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and well tolerated by all skin types. You can easily find it everywhere (drug stores, supermarkets…).

Rose wax is emollient, soothing, protective and has a heavenly scent. It’s an amazing ingredient that you’ll easily find in my handmade cosmetics recipes due to its interesting properties. I also gives an amazing natural fragrance to the cosmetic formulas without having to buy the most expensive rose essential oil.
Candelilla wax is protective and helps to harden the compound. Being vegetal, it’s suitable for vegan handmade cosmetic recipes.
Check the bottom of the article for ingredient substitution notes.
This restorative and soothing balm should be slathered on rough, dry areas to make the skin smooth and heal cracking. You’ll find it especially good for your hands because it does not leave them greasy and smells of recently harvested roses.

Some people also rub it on their lips, which you are welcome to do. However, I think that jojoba oil is not the best oil for nourishing lip balm because it gets absorbed too quickly. If you plan to use this DIY balm mainly in this way, I recommend replacing at least half the dose of jojoba oil with castor oil (but it could result too greasy for other parts of the body, like hands).

Lush Ultrabalm dupe ingredients

These ingredients are for 10 g of repairing balm. Multiply them by 4 if you want about the same amount of product as the commercial version.

Lush Ultrabalm recipe

Lush Ultrabalm recipe is very easy! Melt the ingredients in a double boiler (make sure to put the ingredients in a heat resistant container, like a beaker). Pour into a jar and let it firm in the freezer for around 20 minutes. That’s it!

Cosmetic formula substitutions

Some notes about how to replace ingredients in this Lush Ultrabalm recipe:

  • Can I replace candelilla wax and rose wax with beeswax? Yes and no. I’ll explain you why. If you use jojoba oil and beeswax only, you’ll make the jojoba oil more protective and thick thanks to the wax. Not a bad product, but definitely not a Lush Ultra Balm dupe. Also, the beeswax is not suitable for vegans. Take it into account if this is important for you or for the person that will use it.

  • I understand that rose and candelilla waxes are less easy to find and can be bought in specialized handmade cosmetics shops only (however, Candelilla wax can be found in Amazon as well). If you need to replace one of those 2 ingredients to get a result that is much closer as possible to the original Lush Ultrabalm recipe, you can replace the candelilla wax with beeswax (or carnauba wax). I don’t recommend replacing the rose wax this ingredient makes the difference. Rose wax is soft and gives an amazing texture, a different feel and effective shooting properties to the balm. Believe me, you’ll notice the difference!

  • Can I use jojoba oil and rose wax only? Yes and no. You can do it, but you’ll get a very tender consistency and less filming and protective effect.