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World of Aromas review and discount code

World of Aromas is a well furnished perfume and cosmetic ingredients supplier shipping to the United States and Canada.
They are specialized in fragrances and perfume ingredients and you’ll find all you need for cosmetic formulas as well.
The most of the raw materials they sell are offered in different sizes, suiting both homemade DIY cosmetics users and professionals.
The various products are well divided into separated and user friendly categories and the shopping experience is easy and straightforward. Also, some of the essential and plant oils they sell are quite difficult to find elsewhere. 
In this review I’ll show what to buy on and which are its main strengths. At the end of the page you'll also find a 5% discount code.

World of Aromas Essential oils

World of Aromas has a huge collection of essential oils. What’s really interesting is that they have 3 different categories: pure essential oils, essential oil blends and diluted essential oils.

  • Pure essential oils
    This category contains more than 70 pure essential oils and what I really like is that you can choose both the size and the brand (NUD Oil and Natur Botanical). I suggest you to buy NUD oils, as they have a better quality. Natur Botanica oils are cheaper but have a lower quality. When I talk about the size, I don't mean that you can choose among 3 or 4 different sizes. What’s impressive is that you can choose among 11 different sizes, from ½ fl. oz. (15 ml) till 55 gal (208,198 ml), making it perfect for both homemade users and professionals.
    You’ll find typical essential oils (like lavender, tea tree, patchouli, geranium, ylang ylang...), precious essential oils (rose, neroli, jasmin, chamomile…) and special oils that you cannot easily find in other shops, like tonka bean (I love it!), frangipani, lily, lotus, tulip and copaiba).
    The fact that they have a separate category for oil dilutions as well is really useful if you want to buy an expensive one and spend much less, especially if it’s the first time you use it and you are not sure you are going to like it.

    Lily Essential Oil World of Aromas LotusEssentialOil

  • Oil blends - Natural fragrances 
    I love oil blends because they are a valid natural alternative to the typical cosmetic fragrances, especially if you are following a pure botanical philosophy and want to avoid ingredients that are not allowed in natural cosmetics.
    I personally only add essential oils or natural fragrances made with oil blends to my cosmetics, so I really love the fact that World of Aroma offers this option as well.
    Using oil blends is an advantage as you have the guarantee of a pleasant scent without having to buy too many different oils to compose a natural fragrance on your own. Some of the ones you can find are Baby powder, Christmas Rose and White Flower.
    They also have functional blends like Immune, Breathe, Relaxation and much more.

World of Aromas Fragrances

If you are looking for a shop with a huge variety of cosmetic fragrances, World of Aromas offers hundreds of different fragrances in 11 sizes.
There are so many that they are divided in different categories (floral, seasonal, gourmand…) and some of them are dupes of famous perfumes, like Gucci no. II, Sauvage, Chanel no. 5, Coco Mademoiselle, CK One, (check in men and women categories to see all of them).
It could be very useful if you want to create a body lotion to use with your favorite perfume.

Raw materials for cosmetics

World of Aromas has a great choice of fragrances and perfumery ingredients, but they also have a good variety of raw materials for cosmetics, like bases, emulsifiers, actives, oils... Most of them are available in tons of different sizes. 

Some recommendations: 

  • You’ll find common carrier oils like jojoba, avocado and son, and also uncommon and interesting oils like moringa, marula and pistachio.
    Some of the ones I love for my cosmetic formulas are squalane, pomegranate, prickly pear and the precious and interesting Tamanu oil (find more info about the properties of those oils here, in my oils chart).

  • In butters and waxes category you’ll find cocoa butter, shea butter, kokum butter (not so easy to find and perfect for eye liners formulas), organic beeswax and more.

  • The dried herbs area is very interesting, with more than 35 dried herbs to use for your infused oils, candles and bath bombs. You can also buy a mix of different herbs. Jasmine dried flowers are so beautiful, aren’t they?

  • In many Raw ingredients shops the Melt & Pour soaps offer is quite limited, but World of Aromas surprises us with 15 different kinds of melt & pour soaps. For each of them you’ll be able to see a useful picture with the related characteristics (color, transparency…). You’ll find the goat milk soap base as well. The transparent ones are perfect for kids’ soaps, as you can hide small toys in them.

  • The cosmetic containers category is huge, with both plastic and glass containers. I personally love the amber and cobalt blue glass containers, that preserve our oils and cosmetics from the light and can be reused forever.
    They also have elegant lotion containers, perfume bottles and deodorant tubes.

  • World of Aromas has a great choice of diffusers and utensils as well. 

World of Aromas review: details that make the difference

 When I buy something, I really appreciate the small details that make the difference. Here you can find World of Aromas main strengths: 

  • In the most the cases you can chose among 11 different sizes (this is impressive!) and different brands or formats as well.

  • The measures are in fl.oz. and ml. This is very useful!

  • They have a huge number of essential oils and fragrances, including natural fragrances made with essential oils (oil blends).

  • Some of the products have customer comments.

  • In the checkout process you’ll be able to choose among tons of different shipping methods and delivery dates.

  •  They have the pickup option as well (if you live in Carrollton, TX).

  •  You can pay with PayPal.

World of Aromas discount code

I hope you found my World of Aromas review useful! Use the discount coupon code LILYINWONDERLAB to get a 5% discount on!

world of aromas discount code