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Chocolate and caramel DIY lip balm stick

This DIY lip balm contains real dark chocolate and caramel flavoring, that make it perfect for those who like gourmand scents and have a sweet tooth.

It nourishes and protects the lips thanks to cocoa butter (that smells delicious as well), beeswax and castor oil. I also added a little bit of shea butter, which is usually used for dry, cracked skin.

The chocolate and caramel scent makes you want to eat it and it will be really hard to resist it! The caramel natural flavor gives character to the lip balm, but you can omit it and use dark chocolate only. 

Effective and nourishing lip balms are great, but if they have a yummy flavor as well, they sparkle joy! Do you agree with me?
This DIY lip balm is very suitable as a gift idea, especially if you add a sticker and choose a nice tube (here you can find some examples).

Chocolate and caramel DIY lip balm stick ingredients

For 1 lip balm stick:

  • 1.1 g of cocoa butter
  • 1 g of beeswax
  • 1.4 g castor oil
  • 0.4 g of dark chocolate (70% or more)
  • 0.4 g of shea butter
  • 1 drop of tocopherol (Vitamin E)
  • 2 drops of food grade natural caramel flavoring

How to make your home made stick

  • Place cocoa butter, dark chocolate, beeswax, castor oil and vitamin E in a glass container and melt in a double boiler.
  • When the wax has melted completely, add the shea butter and stir until it melts. We usually add the shea butter at the end to prevent clumping.
  • Add the caramel flavoring, pour into a lip balm stick and let it firm up.

Your chocolate and caramel DIY lip balm stick is ready! You might also like my Nutella lip balm recipe. Check it out, you'll love it!