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Christmas Snowman handmade solid lotion

This cute Christmas Snowman is a homemade solid lotion that can be used in many different ways.
Apart from being a delightful and fun idea for our DIY Christmas gifts that can be displayed around the house during the festive season, it can be spread on damp skin after a shower instead of a moisturizer. 

I bought this useful three-dimensional marzipan mold from Ikea years ago, but it looks like it’s not available anymore. However, you can find similar ones here. Even if very difficult to find, better to buy one like the one I have, that can be opened (or with 2 closable parts). If you use a regular 3D one, that you should pop/manipulate to unmold, be careful and make sure the lotion is perfectly solid and freezed, otherwise you could squeeze and break it.
Freezing this kind of cosmetics for too long is not ideal, as butters could form lumps (it happens quite often with shea butter), so don’t keep in the freezer for more than 30-60 mins.

mold snowman

My formula mentions rice bran oil and mango butter, but they can be substituted as desired with other similar ingredients, just make sure to keep the same percentage of oil and butter.
Cocoa butter cannot be replaced because it provides hardness and spreadability, which is difficult to achieve with other butters.
If you replace beeswax, use another wax with a similar melting point 61-66 °C, or you could get a final product that is too tender or too firm.

This recipe is quite easy and is perfect if you want to make a batch of solid lotions to give to your friends as a Christmas present, avoiding to spend too much or to buy too many different ingredients. If you want to make an advanced version, with a lighter feel and optimized for shower use, follow this formula.

Make sure your DIY solid lotion smells great by using a good combination of essential oils.
I recommend you:

  • lavender
  • lavender, benzoin, and sweet orange
  • ylang-ylang and tangerine
  • ylang-ylang, geranium, and sweet orange

... or you can use a pre-made fragrance (make sure it’s liposoluble) or prepare your own DIY fragrance by following these recipes:

This handmade solid lotion is a fun and creative way to make original DIY Christmas gifts that your friends and family will surely love! Follow the recipe, get inspired and enjoy it!

Solid lotion recipe

  • 40g of cocoa butter
  • 20g of mango butter
  • 19g of rice bran oil
  • 20g of beeswax
  • 30 drops of essential oils of your choice or liposoluble fragrance 
  • Black, red, and gold mica as needed
  • Cosmetic grade alcohol as needed

How to make a homemade Christmas solid body lotion

  • Melt cocoa butter, beeswax, and rice oil in a double boiler.

  • When they are completely melted, add the mango butter and stir until it blends with the rest.

  • Remove from the water bath and add the essential oils.

  • Pour the mixture into the mold's hole and let it sit in the freezer for approximately 30-60 minutes.

DIY solid lotion mold

  • Gently remove the snowman from the mold.

  • Dilute the mica with a little alcohol and paint the snowman’s eyes and mouth with a thin brush. Color the hat and draw the buttons with the gold mica. Your Christmas snowman-shaped solid butter is now ready!

how to decorate solid lotion